How Can Technology Help Retailers Drive Scalability?

Feb 27, 2023 | Blog

In today’s modern retail world, retailers are harnessing data-driven technologies to drive their growth. From supply chain through to point of sale systems, technology has been helping retailers meet changing consumer needs in a myriad of ways.

However, in today’s environment, retailers need to be able to do more than simply meet customer needs, or follow retail technology trends. Instead, they must be able to provide the ultimate customer experience while simplifying their operations at every retail touchpoint. With changing consumer demands, a retailer’s technology must be able to evolve and scale with those needs.

While online purchases may be easier for consumers, they still crave the experience of in-store. In brick-and-mortar stores customers can see, feel and even try on items before purchasing, and this option makes in-store shopping a highly popular option for consumers.

However, shopping in-store isn’t necessarily the most convenient option for customers. By delivering omnichannel solutions – such as buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) and buy-online-return-in-store (BORIS) that enable consumers to leverage both online and physical sales channels, retailers can create seamless experiences while still driving customers to the shop floor. This makes the role of the in-store experience more important than ever.

Retailers need to advance their in-store technologies and integrate them with their wider retail offerings to strengthen omnichannel capabilities. This needs to be done while providing a frictionless customer experience at all touchpoints.

However, with an abundance of solutions available in the market, it can be difficult for retailers to select appropriate solutions that can help them drive infinite scalability. Retailers must have a tech stack that enables them to improve in-store experience, simplify overall retail operations, and ultimately help them grow.

Advanced POS technology deployed in combination with cutting-edge analytics and reporting tools can help retailers drive sustainable growth.

Simplifying In-Store Activities


Waiting in long queues can be frustrating for consumers and will sometimes even turn them away from a store. This ultimately negatively impacts customer relationships. Instead, retailers need mobile point of sale (mPOS) software with user-friendly interfaces that can enable them to check out customers from anywhere in-store. This allows them to eliminate queues and deliver a high-quality customer experience.

Teamwork Commerce’s Mobile POS software operates exclusively on cutting-edge iOS devices with Apple UI/UX, making it simple and quick for in-store associates to operate. The state-of-the-art solution is easy to integrate with new payment providers and allows retailers to expand their payment functionality.

What’s more, the software runs on iOS smartphones and tablets and allows staff to serve customers from any part of the store regardless of internet connection. This significantly helps in queue busting and streamlines the entire checkout process. Retailers must understand that the capability to deliver convenience, to both staff and customers, is likely to be one of the key drivers of growth in 2023.

Harnessing Data but Securely


Many retailers leverage data to personalize shopping experiences for their customers. However, not all seem to have appropriate measures in place to minimize the risk of a cyberattack. Failing to protect this data not only can lead to regulatory penalties but also put the reputation of businesses at risk, ultimately slowing their growth.

Retailers must ensure that they have appropriate tools not only to analyze data, but also to protect it. For instance, Teamwork Commerce’s secure and GDPR-compliant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software uses the highest level of security to protect customer data. The software keeps the data in a separate place and provides access as needed by associates, devices and integrations without ever revealing or importing customer information into a local system.

In the CRM, with a holistic view of data, retailers can better visualize consumer purchasing habits and even customize discounts. Customers can also enjoy their earned loyalty benefits across all sales channels, thanks to the Teamwork Commerce solution that keeps the data centralized. What’s more, in-store associates can also access customers’ profiles in their mPOS app which can help them build meaningful relationships with in-store shoppers. In this way, the cutting-edge CRM helps retailers leverage data to its full potential while keeping it safe and secure.

Maximizing Visibility with Real-Time Reporting


The ability to track performance consistently in real-time plays a key role in helping retailers make informed decisions. In particular, retailers who operate at a larger scale must have clear visibility of their wider operation including stores, online channels, back-end and warehouse operations.

This allows them to make effective decisions quicker, such as increasing stock levels for a product in demand or managing discounts based on their inventory. Manual data entry is time-consuming, not always accurate and does not fit in today’s retail environment. Instead, retailers need automated reporting.

Teamwork Commerce’s Dashboard provides retailers with next-generation analytics and reporting capabilities. The solution delivers real-time metrics to retailers, such as live store performance, customized reports and KPI dashboards, all at their fingertips. Retailers can easily access the dashboard through the mPOS app and track their sales, trends, and other operations in real-time from any part of the world. This can help retailers spot gaps they might have missed and provide them with limitless opportunities to improve.

In what is a highly competitive industry, retailers who act based on real-time information about their customers, business operations and industry trends can put themselves ahead of the curve. Incorporating solutions that work collaboratively in real-time puts retailers in a winning position in both the short and long term. Having cloud-based technology deployed all the way across operations, retailers can scale their businesses as and when it is required and ensure continued growth.

Wondering which technologies can be helpful to growing your retail business? Book a live demo today and find out how Teamwork can help.

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