Unified Commerce in Stadium Retail

Teamwork has a full-fledged omnichannel backend, enabling real-time availability, smart inventory control and flexible stadium POS system designed to drive efficient customer journeys in venue management.

In a stadium atmosphere, guests don’t want long wait times in retail or at a stadium concession. In sports and entertainment retail, connecting with customers and creating an engaging fan experience faces additional challenge. Teamwork works with retailers across stadiums and arenas connecting their fans with effective shopping journeys and positive guest experience across channels.

Unparalleled fan experience.

The ultimate dream would be to have your food and merchandise on the same management solution at your event venue. While it isn’t currently possible to have your food and beverage operation and retail to be on the same intuitive software, you can still make the fan experience unparalleled in at stadiums and arenas.

Flexibility is critical.

Flexibility of the POS software is critical, especially with stadium & entertainment venue retail, events regularly change times, crowd size can vary, and product offerings may flip.

With Teamwork POS solution, retailers can leverage a completely mobile POS, enabling limitless capacity and total connectivity with backend functionality.

It’s also important for stadium POS devices to use reliable hardware because of the large volume of sales in a short amount of time.

Teamwork partners with payment processing companies to provide mobile payments, scanners, and printing companies to keep up with the mass quantities of transactions.

Frictionless experience.

Teamwork stadium POS is designed to empower flexibility across retail channels & drive more engaging, meaningful and profitable customer experiences in stadiums and events spaces.

Consumers are already using mobile devices, at home, on the go and in retail, they access loyalty benefits, reminders and custom experiences through recognition and Geo-Fencing.

With Teamwork mobile POS & partners digital sales, loyalty and connected customer experiences can be a reality. 

inventory availability point of sale

Never miss a sale, don’t limit payment processing or tie associates to POS terminals. 

The POS app runs on a full-featured iOS smartphones or POS tablets anywhere in the store – great for mobile payments even in offline mode, eliminating wait times. 

Powerful technology.

Real time availability and complete reporting enable retailers to make informed decisions about stadium operations inventory levels, product promotions and location staffing.

Teamwork offers a completely integrated analytics dashboard powered by Looker. Retailers can forecast when engagement will peak and thus prepare.

out of the box dashboards

"I'm a little addicted to Dashboard."

Obviously, that feature to have it on our phone, to be able to see the sales in real-time, see how things are going, see what trends are in the ballpark - is amazing. We can spot problems or things that we've missed in the past and that's a huge opportunity for us to get better."

- Aaron Heinrich, Senior Director of Retail Operations - Colorado Rockies

payment types

Minimal training is Teamwork’s hidden weapon.

Teamwork has intuitive software, making training on the system quick and easy for game day employees. Our POS software was designed with the user in mind. Many people are familiar with Apple’s interface so when they enter the POS terminals, they are able to provide service to guests quickly with ease. This ultimately eliminates wait times and gets fans back in the action. 

Teamwork’s flexibility gave us the ability to quickly take an iPad, download the apps, and you have a point of sale,” said Aaron Heinrich, Senior Director of Retail Operations for the Colorado Rockies. “We were able to easily go from 12 to 25 point of sales in our main store.”

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