Unified Commerce in Museum Retail

In museum retail, ticket sales are just the beginning of the customer’s experiences when entering museums and cultural attractions. Engaging customers when they enter the museum gift shop, a customized customer journey is what will keep donors coming back. This customization starts with mobile museum Point of Sales. 

Museums and cultural attractions have been a past time for many people globally throughout the years. Aside from purchasing tickets, or buying specialty foods, the place museum visitors are able to commemorate their visit online and onsite would be the museum gift store. From mugs to replicas of art, having a powerful museum POS solution is key to keeping people happy and coming back time and time again.

A mobile-based POS is no longer the future, it’s here.

A retail management suite that includes reporting capabilities, ecommerce integrations, integrated payment platforms, accounting integrations, and the ability to track inventory is essential for day to day business.

A mobile POS allows museums to bring its POS systems to offsite events like fundraisers.
Bulky cash wraps take up valuable retail space. Mobile POS enables museums to transact freely and seamlessly with take-anywhere functionality.

Teamwork functionality can be found encompassed in three apps that run on an iOS device. Those apps are POS Pro, Dashboards, and Stock Count.

Teamwork Commerce is a mobile POS that works great in the museum space for these reasons.

Secure CRM.

POS Pro is a mobile POS that allows the associate to have the power to see sales history and a customer profile through our secure CRM, inventory tracking across warehouse locations, the ability to ship ecommerce orders, and more all from an iOS device.

Store operations are able to be carried by your associate leading to an improved guest experience.

Within our mobile POS, we have membership programs where customers can be looked up by name or using membership cards.

The customer profile allows an associate the ability to see a guest’s sales history to be able to recommend items they may like leading to increased sales and more customer loyalty.

Teamwork’s holistic customer view allows you to visualize customer purchasing habits across sales channels, allowing you to easily segment customers.

Flexiblity is a MUST.

Flexible POS software is critical, especially within the museum environment, exhibitions regularly change, products vary, and inventory tracking is critical in museum retail management.

It’s not enough to know what your gift shop inventory is, you also need to know what’s in the warehouse.


Knowing your inventory levels is crucial if you have an online presence to avoid selling things you may not have in stock and upsetting the customer.

inventory availability point of sale

Warehouse management allows you to make sure items aren’t just sitting in boxes in the back room and are out for guests to purchase the inventory.

Teamwork’s Inventory Management System has real-time availability allowing retailers to take the guesswork with inventory and allows you to grow your revenue.

Powerful technology.

Teamwork offers a completely integrated analytics dashboard powered by Looker.
Through this integration, Teamwork has reporting and analytics that includes any customized dashboard to the retailer making this software for museums able to fit all needs they may have.
Different types of museums may need different reporting capabilities, with the customization, Teamwork can support the needs of all museum gift shops.


out of the box dashboards
payment types

Integrations are Teamwork’s hidden weapon.

Teamwork provides a lot of options through our retail management solution, but sometimes a retailer likes the solution they already have and may just want a museum POS system through Teamwork. In collaboration with our partners, we are able to connect a client with most systems they use prior to Teamwork. This includes Quickbooks online, integrated payment providers that accept emv chip cards, warehouse management systems, ecommerce integrations, and more.

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