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Teamwork Commerce Dashboards: Powered By Looker

Enhance the value of your data with operational reporting that gives you valuable insight into your business, sales and customers.

Complete retail vision.

A complete vision of retail performance is accessible across sales channels, enabling a clear sight of all KPI’s across the sales landscape.


Real-Time Analytics

View data from every channel instantly. The cloud backed analytics engine leverages cloud data in real time.


Live Store Performance

Quickly see every store and every channel, use real time inventory data to access a rich selection of on-demand reports.


Customized Reports

Run one or multiple reports in seconds, with an extensive library of pre-built reports and options to enable customization.


KPI Dashboards

Just need a quick update? Teamwork dashboards provide a flexible visualization and live KPI dashboards to view the data whenever you need.

Professional data made easy.

Start reporting on your retail data immediately. Teamwork Commerce has integrated data to provide clients with an extensive level of reporting through visual dashboards and connected databases. Clients have the ability to set automated reports and alerts to receive data on demand. Clients can now explore, analyze, and share real-time business analytics easily to make more effective decisions by having all this information at their fingertips.

Real-time analytics.

Create a full image of store performance and measure every metric that is needed to assess performance with a dashboard that enables a clean and clear way to interpret data. Teamwork Dashboards are equipped with real time information, enabling stock levels, sales performance and supply chain sustainability in real time.


"I'm a little addicted to Dashboard."

Obviously, that feature to have it on our phone, to be able to see the sales in real-time, see how things are going, see what trends are in the ballpark - is amazing. We can spot problems or things that we've missed in the past and that's a huge opportunity for us to get better."

- Aaron Heinrich, Senior Director of Retail Operations - Colorado Rockies

Out-of-the-box dashboards.

Teamwork Commerce dashboards provide a visualization of queries, charts, graphs and tables displayed on one page. With the Teamwork Commerce package, retailers receive 10 standard dashboards, each one designed to provide key visibility on each area of the retail business. Dashboards are designed to offer key performance indicators to every level of company management, simplifying analytics and providing convenience.

Quick-start dashboards.

A unique offering of our analytics platform enables users to utilize data as it was intended to be, users can create custom reports, harnessing organizational data for specific needs. The quick start helps to get fast results without integral knowledge of the database structure.

Data dictionary.

An essential tool as part of the dashboards platform is the Data Dictionary. The Looker Data Dictionary provides a dedicated, centralized interface for searching through fields and descriptions. This extension has limitless functionality, currently used to provide permissions for particular users to create direct ideas, to develop new visualizations.

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