As a response to the Black Lives Matter movement and in the recognition of social & racial inequalities, Teamwork Commerce decided to take action and started the volunteer branch, TeamworkCares, in June 2020. TeamworkCares utilizes its global reach and diverse group of team members to promote initiatives that aim to impact our communities, promote awareness and fight for equality. Since its inception, members have impacted communities worldwide.

Shoes that Fit

In our most recent TeamworkCares initiative, we collaborated with Shoes that Fit to provide over 75 pairs of shoes to a local elementary school so students can attend school in comfort.

BLM Virtual Strides 5k

We kicked off the launch of TeamworkCares with the BLM Virtual Strides 5k. We had over 40 participants from around the world participate in a Black Lives Matter virtual 5k that helped to raise money for the United Negro College Foundation dedicated to helping more African American students attend and graduate from college.

Kharkiv’ Medical Sphere

We’ve been supporting the Kharkiv’ medical sphere for the past few months. Among the most recent projects, the company purchased the following medical equipment and appliances: – two Microlife BP AG1-30 arterial pressure meters and a microwave oven for Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital,- equipment for the 40-seat oxygen route and 14 beds in intensive care to the Regional Clinical Infectious Disease Hospital. The company also participated in the acquisition of a biochemical analyzer for the Regional Clinical Infectious Disease Hospital. Also in December Cloud Works bought New Year gifts to the children of the deceased soldiers.A big thanks to each member of the team!#Тучкаработает #Тучкапомогает


In October last year, TeamworkCares Mentorship Committee recruited Student Mentor volunteers and helped match volunteers to Mentor kids from schools in underserved communities (from Pinellas County). We worked with LunchPals and matched up 15 volunteer mentors that met weekly with kids. Our TeamworkCares volunteers provided kids emotional support, lent a listening ear so kids had someone to talk to about their day and ran fun learning activities. LunchPals aims to build emotional resilience and confidence in kids to perform better in school. Our mentors all really like the friendship part too!

Cocktails for Kyiv

Teamwork Commerce hosted a cocktail event to boost its contribution for Ukraine relief funds – whilst taking the total to $150,000. Collaborating with nine local businesses, Teamwork Commerce welcomed over one hundred guests with cocktails featuring Eastern Spritz – blue on bottom and yellow on top – paying homage to Ukraine and their blue and yellow flag. The event was hosted at Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails on June 29th, 2022. The Special cocktail menu offered fun drinks and featured a QR code that directly linked to business’s GlobalGiving campaign benefitting Ukraine Relief Efforts. The event included alt-rock and indie music from local favorite, Guava Train, a full band with guitar, drums, flute, female lead singer – and the venue was decorated with Ukrainian flags.


As part of back to school this fall TeamworkCares participated in the MyStuffBags charity drive to provide new belongings to children living in Shelters rescued from abuse, neglect, abandonment, and homelessness. MyStuffBags provides children across the United States with Duffel bags/Backpacks filled with items such as toys, blankets, clothing, coloring books, school supplies & toiletries, with the goal to provide new belongings to each of the nearly 300,000 children each year who must enter crisis shelters and foster care with nothing of their own.


TeamworkCares collected over 100lbs of donations to contribute to the tens of thousands of bags requested each year.


To raise awareness on the challenges of systemic racism and supporting equality around the world. Teamwork employees use their collective skills, knowledge, and ideas to bring about a positive and impactful change through education, mentorship and community initiatives.


To support Black Lives Matter, local organizations, underserved communities and educational initiatives. Through these actions TeamworkCares will empower social change, drive positive community growth and take a stand against social injustice.


TeamworkCares is driven by respect, acceptance, and accountability. We stand up for justice & equality across the world. We are committed to driving out discrimination where we find it, supporting change through our resources, and advocating for meaningful action.


TeamworkCares will create initiatives that progress the mission of supporting equality around the world. An initiative is an opportunity for action to bring positive change (especially to improve a situation).


An initiative can be internal to company culture, directly to the local community, or via partnerships.


Provide youth with Mentorship and education; inspire learning, new ideas and help develop sustainable skills, and provide a social support network relevant to the student’s immediate education needs and life skills. Mentoring is both remote and face-to-face over a sustained period (the school year) to promote greater knowledge, wisdom, or experience.


Partners with community organizations to support and develop diverse and underserved youth and adult entrepreneurs. This group aims to develop opportunities for TeamworkCare members to share their knowledge, support, and guidance in various areas of experience, based on the entrepreneur’s needs, to help promote growth and opportunity.


Dedicated to discovering different activities and events within Teamwork’s local communities which promote or support the initiatives and values of TeamworkCares. Focused on organizing all logistics necessary so Teamwork staff can participate easily and promote in order to further raise awareness of systemic racism and support equality.

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