Unified Commerce in Footwear Retail

Although Teamwork’s iPad POS system is great for all business types, it works extremely well in a footwear store. The POS solution allows a retailer to empower its associates and make the customer its focus. Through advanced inventory, analytics, and integrations, Teamwork gives a shoe store all the retail tools it needs to thrive.

Teamwork Commerce is a shoe store POS software. Teamwork puts customer management first, allowing footwear and shoes stores to allow the store associate to stay with the customer at all steps through the customer journey. Teamwork Commerce comes stocked with POS, OMS, Inventory Control, a Secure CRM and analytics. What Teamwork doesn’t provide out of the box, we integrate with other companies to accomplish. These capabilities truly make Teamwork one of the best retail management solutions in the shoe retail market.

Cloud backend.

Teamwork Commerce is a cloud-based mobile POS retail software. Run exclusively in iOS devices, Teamwork has a very small footprint in a store setting. In a footwear retailing setting, a store associate is with a customer more than a typical retail store.

endless aisle send sale point of sale

Since Teamwork is an iPad POS, a store associate is able to have the power of all store information on them in the tablet POS.

When picking POS hardware, it’s ideal to pick a barcode scanner and iPad POS case that allows the associate to be with the customer every step of their journey.

Mobile POS allows for a personalized shopping experience. Dedicated cash registers aren’t necessary with Teamwork’s POS system.

Maximize store space for shoe and footwear retailers for more products or space for customers to walk around in their new shoes. Teamwork’s tablet POS also allows a retailer to take their shoe store POS system to any event or race they may attend.

popup stores

Your customer is priority.

Teamwork’s POS software allows a shoe and footwear store to keep data on their customers.

If a customer comes in and can’t remember what size they were in a certain brand, Teamwork does.

Built into our POS system is a secure CRM. In the secure CRM, you can customize fields and gather the information that’s relevant to a footwear store.

Perhaps you want to understand customer behavior through complex customer segmentation strategies.

Teamwork is able to capture this information and allow an associate to connect with a customer.

Powerful inventory.

Inventory is very important to know at a moment’s notice in a footwear retailing store.

To have the ability to tell a customer if their size is in the back or not without leaving their side provides a level of personalization many footwear and shoes stores don’t have today.

This type of technology allows a customer to put a level of trust into the associate or retail manager that may open the door for up-selling or customer loyalty in the future. 

inventory availability point of sale
payment types

Integrations are Teamwork’s hidden weapon.

Teamwork Commerce’s shoe and footwear store POS system does a lot, but not everything. Through our integrations, our cloud POS allows shoe retail stores to do their retail functions in a seamless and powerful way. Teamwork’s integrates with platforms that includes ecommerce, payments, warehouse management, and accounting. For example, we integrate with quickbooks online for accounting and Salesforce Commerce Cloud for ecommerce.  

Loyalty is key.

Our iPad POS also provides a retailers the ability to have a customer loyalty program. The customized loyalty programs allow a footwear and shoes store to capture sales data, sales history, and send coupons that could be used in store or online. 

point of sale rewards screen

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