One Place For

Every Sales Channel

Don’t mix-up your customer information. Create a holistic – safe and secure – customer experience with all customer data, history and behavior in one place.

Universal customer.

With Teamwork Commerce as the hub of data, retailers can create universal customers, with information accessible across sales channels. This holistic view makes every aspect of the sales process more effective.

Protect your customer.

Your customer and their data protection is the most important asset.
Teamwork Commerce CRM uses the highest level of security to protect customer data. The platform is completely GDPR compliant and constantly evolving.
The universal customer allows retailers to create a single source of information around every individual customer, enabling consistent visibility of every shopper.
With the integrated cloud CRM, retailers can create a new customer directly from the point of sale. Associates can add or lookup customers instantly.
Teamwork’s holistic customer view allows you to visualize customer purchasing habits across sales channels, allowing you to easily segment customers.


Safe & Secure.

With security requirements changing across the world, it is important that your CRM is secure and compliant. Storing data in a GDPR approved way allows us to keep your customers data safe and you to securely reference customer data wherever needed.

Joint accounts.

With the Teamwork CRM your customers can have linked contacts. This makes it easy to join associated accounts and track customer purchases more effectively. With easy integrations to external marketing tools, customers can be easily reached.

Rewards & gift cards.

Loyalty & membership is out-of-the-box with Teamwork Commerce. Customers can access rewards across channels & automatically rewarded based on behavior. Gift cards can be linked to a user’s account to be used digitally.

Premier service.

POS system supported globally by the same team that designed and implemented it.
An end-to-end technology solution provider – no third-party outsourcing at any point in the process.
30+ years Retail Software Management experience.
Personalized attention from team of expert retail technology professionals.

Michael Mauerer
Owner & CEO
30+ years retail software experience

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