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Teamwork’s Inventory Management allows you to manage every unit on hand. Retailers can access complete visibility of inventory across their locations.

With dynamic inventory control, retailers can turn on or off a stores inventory feed with the tap of a button. This enables instant flexibility and control across retail channels, allowing inventory to be available where and when it is needed. Teamwork allows granular control of buffer stock and on-hand inventory, providing total visibility around item availability.

Find the items.

The inventory homepage allows retailers to instantly view recent orders, search, and filter based on key item attributes.

Items can be quickly added and edited to ensure consistency with the OMS and store infrastructure. Items can be easily identified and product details adjusted as needed to ensure consistency across the backend.

The natively integrated omnichannel platform enables inventory visibility from the point of sale & CloudHQ supporting an engaged customer experience.

Turn on or off a store with the tap of a button, retailers can completely customize where inventory is assigned and how it will be fulfilled, in less than a minute.

Acknowledging what is available & what is not available is essential for eCommerce, Teamwork can help you see why the item is not available.

Damaged or defective items can be assigned that status & removed from the on-hand inventory, synchronizing directly to the cloud and ensuring consistency around every unit of inventory from every channel.

Set inventory.

Protect key item inventory with Teamwork. The CHQ backend enables a completely automated replenishment, control, and usage of availability levels. Teamwork Commerce also supports buffer levels enabling retailers to prevent items from stocking out in key locations at important times.

You want every unit on hand to be sold, but not oversold… Buffer levels can be configured by % or unit value ensuring key items are always available to sell.

Teamwork can tell you when to order more, giving you customized recommendations based on trends & historical performance data.

Count the whole store or a section, with stock checks easily initiated from the POS application and verified in the Cloud Headquarters by management.

Automatically section off warehouse inventory based on channel sell rate, to ensure stock is available where customers demand it.

Purchasing & Allocation.

Purchasing and allocation worksheets can be designed and tuned to buyers’ specifications, helping determine what to buy and what to allocate across locations.

Full allocation can be allowed, using the size of the store, usual behavior and system driven suggestions. This all ensures that key stores will never stock-out, and popular products are always available at every store.

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