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Mobile POS

mobile point of sale

Teamwork’s mobile POS system operates exclusively on cutting-edge iOS devices with Apple UI/UX, making it simple and quick for associates to operate providing a top-tier customer experience.

Frictionless experience.

Don’t tie associates to POS terminals. Create a better customer experience using Teamwork’s portable iPad POS app.

Combine any in-store or endless aisle purchases in one single transaction from anywhere in the store.

Facilitate endless aisle purchases by giving associates real-time access to enterprise inventory.

Accept all types of payment including credit cards, contactless payment, cash, Apple Pay, and gift cards – and easily split between payment methods.

Process partial or complete omnichannel returns and exchanges for orders from any fulfillment source or purchase channel.

Using the latest technology the sales engine calculates all discounts, promotions, price overrides, tax exemptions and more.

Offline mode.

Natively installed POS enables associates to process transactions effortlessly, even without internet access.

Accept cash and credit card payments while staying secure and compliant.

Continue capturing customer information and connect purchases to customer profiles in offline mode.

Scan products for a quick offline checkout process.

Sync card transaction, payment, and customer data once the connection is restored.

The Ultimate POS App.

Completely configurable.

Configure every screen to fit your retail needs.

Infinite scalability.

A POS that scales with your retail business as it grows.

One app.

One iOS application for ALL in-store operations.

Secure CRM.

Your customer and their data protection is the most important asset.

Teamwork Commerce CRM uses the highest level of security to protect customer data. The platform is completely GDPR compliant and constantly evolving.
The universal customer allows retailers to create a single source of information around every individual customer, enabling consistent visibility of every shopper.
With the integrated cloud CRM, retailers can create a new customer directly from the point of sale. Associates can add or lookup customers instantly.
Teamwork’s holistic customer view allows you to visualize customer purchasing habits across sales channels, allowing you to easily segment customers.

Fast set-up.

Designed to simplify training & setup time.

Use common gestures to navigate the user interface. Teamwork mPOS leverages a sleek UI co-designed with Apple, making training quick, simple & applicable.

Directly from any iOS device, retailers can install, activate and run the complete Point of Sale system, check inventory and print shipping labels for ship from store fulfillment.

The core of our commerce platform, Teamwork POS, has the robust features of an enterprise POS system with the flexibility and chic appearance of a mobile device.

Universal Customer.

Teamwork Commerce utilizes a Universal Customer with all points of customer management.

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E-Commerce, Point of Sale, Customer KIOSK, CRM, etc. linked to one single, secure customer file.

Receipts are not needed for a return – can view all purchases and returns from any location INCLUDING online purchases. 

Access to the entire Customer History in the customer profile.

Protect data quality, prevents duplication, adheres to the GDPR standards and that serves all aspects of customer interaction.

Teamwork POS

The Ultimate Retail Tool

Learn how Teamwork Commerce is disrupting the retail industry.

Powerful technology.

Beyond simple point-of-sale and payment capture functions, mobile point of sale also supports time card, stock count, rich catalog, and shipment functions.

A pre-flight checklist for retail, the POS app now includes a safe control application to manage and control money in the drawer, ensuring consistency.

Leverage REST-based APIs to continuously add new features and functionality across specific business functions and store operations.

Track store performance and take action with built-in KPIs, dashboards and real time reporting.

Cloud headquarters.

POS software is natively integrated into the Teamwork Commerce Cloud Headquarters, enabling retailers to access a full range of critical functionality designed to empower an optimal customer experience across all channels.

Enable store associates to access every aspect of business data from one device.

The native iOS-based application uses cloud technology that supports a centralized database with real-time data across all channels.

Provide store associates with a mobile device that can access your entire stock, catalog, and eCommerce features along with a complete customer management system.

Premier service.

POS system supported globally by the same team that designed and implemented it.

An end-to-end technology solution provider – no third-party outsourcing at any point in the process.

30+ years of Retail Software Management experience.

Personalized attention from team of expert retail technology professionals.

Sergey Kozhevnikov
VP Product Development
30+ years retail software experience

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