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There is no one size fits all solution for retail, until now. Teamwork Commerce includes a best in class mobile point of sale and order management system that communicates seamlessly with external platforms.

Manned at a 75% engineering ratio

integrations can be easily built or changed seamlessly. Modern retailers realize that omnichannel ecosystems are constantly changing to meet demands from consumers for a better retail experience. Teamwork Commerce is uniquely equipped to handle any and all changes to the omnichannel ecosystem.

Extensive functionality.

This system communicates seamlessly with external platforms such as Warehouse Management, ERP, Analytics, Shipping, Marketing, Traffic Counters, Returns Automation, 3rd Party Marketplace, Fraud Detection, CRM, Accounting and even internal legacy systems.

Teamwork Commerce centers on a best-in-class mobile point of sale, order management system, Inventory Control System & CRM. Operating directly from the cloud backend to deliver a completely seamless operational workflow for retailers.

Teamwork provides it’s own matured integration platform to handle mass data transfer. This established backend ensures data is correct, transferred efficiently and able to scale to millions of records.

order-fill-logic - order management

Cloud Native Infrastructure.

Eliminate infrastructure, maintenance, and data center operational fees and costs with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud computing (other cloud providers, like AWS, Azure, Tencent and hybrid deployments are also supported by request).

Being cloud-native allows Teamwork Commerce to constantly bring innovation to retailers by utilizing new GCP services for data analytics, machine learning etc.

Data Analysis and Machine Learning.

Teamwork Commerce pays special attention to the areas of Data Analytics and Machine Learning. With the help of corresponding GCP services and dedicated DA/ML team Teamwork Commerce can bring unmatched data-oriented innovations to the retailer.

Marketing tools.

From email marketing, to audience building, Teamwork Commerce can support a variety of marketing integration points. Integrated platforms like Klaviyo & Mailchimp drive audience growth and content engagement.

Customer communications.

Customer engagement does not stop at the point of sale. Retailers have to update, remind and notify their customers throughout the fulfillment process. Teamwork supports customer communication & support tools to engage consumers.

Payment processing.

Integrated with a variety of payment processing tools, Teamwork enables retailers to take payments across every channel, including contactless payments in store, payments by link or seamless payment experiences online.

POS hardware.

The point of sale is a key customer touchpoint, over the years it has evolved to embrace additional tools and functionality. Teamwork integrates with cash drawers, receipt printers, customer display and feedback tools for a complete experience.

Fulfillment systems.

Teamwork leverages partnerships and API integrations to create complete backend functionality that allows management of fulfillment directly from the point of sale, with additional functionality, notifications and visibility to optimize fulfillment.

Dedicated expertise.

Teamwork Commerce has a dedicated team that handles the singular task of connecting to external systems that control the exact business and process flows of each individual client. Clients are assigned an Integration Architect, Business Analyst, dedicated QA and Developer to ensure all business demands are met, designed, developed and fully professionally tested.

Industry leading connections.

Teamwork’s integration capabilities allow you to harness technology to build a deeper connection with customers & eliminate the “silo effect” created by separate systems that don’t share real-time data. Teamwork Commerce is partnered with some of the worlds largest technology platforms to empower a more efficient shopping experience for customers in store and online.

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