Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cloud?

The cloud is a storage service provided through the internet for storing, protecting, distributing, and backing-up your data. Using a service like this comes with an incredible amount of security and speed of data retrieval, not to mention you are using the most revolutionary servers, 24/7 staff for inspecting your hardware, regulated temperatures throughout the building, back-up power plans, armed guards, and these facilities are even located in areas that are deemed the safest places on earth. So if all of the other reasons aren’t a dead giveaway, you will sleep safe knowing that your data can withstand literally any natural disaster. During our demos of our POS and Retail Management Solutions we show some pictures of this facility and it’s an incredible site to see. That’s probably why we see companies like Google, eBay, Oracle, and many others storing their data right next to ours. There is no doubt that cloud storage is the wave of the future. Consider, how your data is stored now. Our guess is that you have servers in the store and servers at headquarters. Think about how many points of failure you could have, not to mention the complexity and maintenance on your network trying to keep everything communicating. Most companies can’t even get real time data or share pertinent information between retail stores and other stores, or retail stores and headquarters or warehouses, and definitely struggle to communicate all information back from the eCommerce site too.

Where is the cloud?
The Teamwork Retail cloud service is hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is in a facility called Supernap, run by Switch, and is an unbelievable data center. They have the highest ratings available, guaranteed 100% up-time, security guards, enough back-up power to power the entire facility for a year, and many other valuable facets enabling them to run one of the best data centers in the world.

Why do you use the cloud?
We use the cloud because of it’s security, but the real kicker is when you account for real time data. Being able to share data at unbelievable speeds with all of your stores, warehouses, vendors, or headquarters locations is where you will see the biggest benefits. Being able to connect everything to one location (the cloud) provides real time data for everything and everyone. Layers of dated data, backups, polling, or any other means of sharing data is gone. This is the only true way to have an omni-channel retail solution. Anyone that claims they can do it otherwise will not even come close to providing real time data, while providing a solution as robust as ours, without the cloud. It just can’t be done, and definitely nowhere near as reliable.

Is the cloud safer?
The cloud is incredibly safe and redundant. There is no safer way to store any of your retail store’s or company’s data. Our facility is located in the Nevada desert with multiple fences, razor wire, armed guards, and they even bring in bomb detection dogs from time to time to comb the area. The facility can run for nearly a year on it’s own power production and storage center, it also has a shield rated to 200 mph winds before even touching the actual building itself. Everything done is at the highest level. They even guarantee 100 percent up-time.

Aren't in-store servers better?
If you attempted to replicate a retail cloud storage solution similar to ours, it would be incredibly expensive, and to scale it would be an exorbitant expense. We take out all of the expense, maintenance, and just deliver a trouble free and incredibly safe cloud based server.

Why should I put my entire system on the cloud?
If you are looking to access and exchange real time data from your retail locations to your headquarters, store to store, or even from store to warehouse, it is very difficult to achieve without adopting a cloud retail solution. We can turn a store live almost immediately, updates on availability are real time, price changes can be immediately updated, and so much more. Imagine if you could make an update from one program and it updates your e-commerce site, pictures on your shopper displays, your membership sites, your member applications, and your entire POS system, seconds after lifting your finger off the enter button. That is what the cloud provides. It is scalable, highly efficient, and provides data everywhere and immediately.

Are POS systems more efficient in the cloud?
Trying to achieve a real omni-channel solution and using anything other than the cloud for all data, just doesn’t work. Our solution is not a bolt on solution, it doesn’t require a PC in the store sending data and receiving from headquarters. All data is sent and received from the cloud and distributed accordingly real time, and all from devices like iPads, iPods, and eCommerce. The speed is unbelievable and surprisingly more cost efficient than trying to serve all of your networks from a series of onsite servers, and maintaining internally. Using our cloud based POS system / Retail Management Solution you will never have to worry about servers. Even the network equipment that we recommend is cloud based, so every aspect our your in-store technology is simplified.


How long does standard implementation take?
We have done implementations for multi-site retailers in as quick as 3 weeks, but we prefer 30-60 days for initial roll out. There are a lot of variables that need to be considered when changing from an existing POS solution and upgrading to a fully Mobile POS system and Retail Management solution. We always recommend an on-site visit from our staff prior, which we call a Functional Analysis. During this visit our highly experienced team-members evaluate everything you currently do, and everything that your current system is capable of, and then create a full report itemizing every workflow, function, and wishlist that you have. From there we develop a strict timeline that we follow to ensure that the milestones that you require, are met every step of the way.


Why should I use mobile devices?
Mobile technology has a lighter footprint in many areas. Physically, they are smaller and allow more creative uses of retail spaces. Financially, they are more cost effective to purchase, maintain, and replace. Training is also easier on mobile devices (iPhones, iPads and iPods) because most users are already familiar with using these devices. You also have the ability to personalize transactions, display digital signage, line bust, sign up new memberships, and so much more. The opportunities are practically endless. Please note that our Retail Management Solution is not a bolt on, so there is nothing hiding somewhere that needs to be restarted, or updated. We are not an extension of anything, just an incredibly powerful POS system that chose to use iOS mobile devices, instead of computers for the front-end.

Can I scan gift, loyalty, or membership cards with and iPad or iPod?
We integrate with Moneris Solutions, the CayanGenius terminal, and Magtek scanners for all of your card reading technologies. We are also always looking for new innovative retail technologies, so if there is something else that you are looking for please let us know and we will do our best to integrate with it.

Can I scan credit cards with an iPad?
Absolutely, we are fully integrated with many manufacturers like, Moneris Solutions and Magtek. We are always looking for reliable and innovative devices to add to our offerings. Another scanner that is definitely worth mentioning is from Cayan and it is called the Genius device. This is a very slick unit that has Chip and Pin capabilities, NFC, and add unique payment methods like Applepay, google wallet, and paypal.

What kind of iPad stands can I use?
We are always looking for unique and well designed stands. We have used many manufacturers, but we love working with Studio Proper or Heckler Design. Both have unique offerings, but have some really nice stands, docks, and mounts. Heckler Design even has one of the smallest cash drawers available and works wonderful with our POS solution. We definitely have some customers that have their own preferences for stands, and we have no issues with that at all. Some even have custom iPad stands created that blend perfect into their retail spaces. This decision tends to be more based on looks and security.

What happens when my internet is down?
Having a well designed system will allow you to use a back-up 4G device installed into your router, so you can continue operating, and not one function is lost. We can even take it another step further, with having 4G iPhones/iPads/iPods you can enable during times of full internet loss and never have a worry. Having an internet connection does not affect what data the iPad or mobile device sees, because each device has a full backup of the database including customer information, items, and many other facets, so that they can run independent during any internet loss, or limited connectivity to the cloud. Once the network is back up and running, the devices will synchronize with the cloud as if nothing ever happened. You can continue to conduct sales during this entire process and it will not affect a thing that your sales associates are doing, or need to do. There is not a system that we know of that even comes close to up-time like this.

How long does it take to install our data on a new iPad/iPod?
On our initial update depends on how large your customer contact list (CRM function of our POS) is, and the amount of items in your product offerings, most can initialize in less than 1 minute. The cool thing about our Mobile POS solution is that if your internet is down, you hold all of the customer data and items on each iPad or iPod. So the only thing you lose is the ability to approve credit cards (this is standard on any POS). However, because we do things correct, we always recommend a 4G back-up for internet on your router (we prefer Meraki or Aerohive), plus as a third fail safe you can always have one iPad in-store with it’s own personal 4G connection. We definitely have store and go options, plus a few other ways to solve this perceived issue, and all are to your benefit. We can elaborate on any of these if you have other questions. When designing this system we knew that this was always a concern, with using WIFI or mobile devices for front of the house retailing, so we solved the issue in as many ways possible, and made it much more reliable than a PC/Mac based POS.

What if my iPad is lost, stolen, or inoperable?
Once you have the replacement iPad, you don’t need to us to do anything. Your certified product specialist (internal to your company) can have you running in less then a few minutes. If you can’t reach someone internally, our support staff can assist nearly 24 hours a day. This is a huge example of why mobile technology can seriously help your retail environment. Just do some simple math on what it would cost to have a terminal down until a technician can come out and fix it. Technology is not about repairing devices, bolting things on to get what you want, or paying to keep something alive. It’s about simplicity, scalability, and reliability.

What is MPOS?
MPOS is the acronym for Mobile Point of Sale. For us it means iPhones, iPads, and iPods. It can include other devices as well.

Do we still use computers for some funtions?
Our system is designed to operate on mobile devices (iPhones, iPads or iPods) for your retail spaces, and almost all front of the house workflows. We also have an extremely powerful back-end technology called Cloud Headquarters (CHQ) that is used at the headquarters level, or can even be used at the store level for sophisticated back office functions from PC or Macs. Our array of applications will have you covered on every front. For example, we have scheduling, time clocks, reporting, device managers, POS, stock count, shipping and receiving, and more; which are all available on mobile devices. Obviously, we can’t explain its entirety here, so please inquire if you have additional questions.

What is Mobile POS?
Mobile Point of Sale (POS) is a newer and much efficient way for retailers to conduct transactions with their customers. Have a mobile solution (not just being able to walk around, but used on mobile devices) allows retailers to reuse existing spaces for merchandising by reducing their current technology footprint. This assists in creating a real omni-channel solution utilizing cloud computing, and one of the industries best retail software solutions. By conducting your POS functions on a tablet device it allows a much more personal interaction with clients, a more aesthetically pleasing store, and amazing devices for line busting, up-selling, and a ton of other functions like shipping and receiving on iPads, conducting stock counts, and so much more.


What card reading services do you support?
We support the Cayan Genuis Terminal, Moneris Ingenico iCMP and Payworks Miura M010.

Do you support scales?
Yes, we do support scales. Please contact us to see what current integrations we have with our POS and Retail Management Solution.

What barcode scanners do you recommend?
We work with bluetooth barcode scanners and we prefer Socket Mobile at this point. Our software supports 1D and 2D scanning so most bluetooth scanners will work, if you have another preference. If you have any questions please inquire and we will send you our current recommended equipment list.


Can you clean up our existing data before importing into your system?

We can, and only import cleaned up data from your legacy POS system. We have many templates developed for most major brands of POS and Retail Management Systems so that we can easily export into our cleaning tables. Our staff is highly trained in understanding how your data should be imported, and how it will work best to support you with our retail management system. Customer management and records are extremely important to us and we spend a lot of time ensuring that this incredibly valuable information is imported in the cleanest of fashion. Lastly, we focus very strongly on your items and how they are classified. Having the correct structure prior to importing will allow you the full usage of our Retail Management System.

Do you support scales?
Yes, we do support scales. Please contact us to see what current integrations we have with our POS and Retail Management Solution.

What barcode scanners do you recommend?
We work with bluetooth barcode scanners and we prefer Socket Mobile at this point. Our software supports 1D and 2D scanning so most bluetooth scanners will work, if you have another preference. If you have any questions please inquire and we will send you our current recommended equipment list.

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