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Teamwork Commerce is a high-end apparel POS software. Teamwork puts customer management first, allowing fashion retailers to empower the store associate with expansive customer data. Teamwork Commerce comes stocked with a Secure CRM, POS, OMS, Inventory Control, and Analytics.

Teamwork Commerce is a cloud-based mobile POS retail software. Run exclusively on iOS devices, Teamwork has a very small footprint in a store setting. A dedicated counter isn’t necessary with iOS devices. This maximizes store space for clothing retailers and allows for more clothing and apparel to be placed on the floor to maximize profits. When picking POS hardware, it’s ideal to pick a barcode scanner and case that allows the associate to be with the customer every step of their journey. This will allow for a personalized shopping experience.

Personalization is key.

Personalization is key in high end retail. Many stores use or have used a little black book to keep information on all of their customers. The little black book is quickly becoming a security issue.

Serge Lengagne, IT Director Europe for Fast Retailing,
“Innovative changes we’ve taken thanks to Teamwork include moving from computer-based tills to modern iPads that physically separate us less from our customers, RFID which saves us time at checkout, and instant updating of sales and changes in stock. Through our partnership with Teamwork Commerce, we’ve caught up with the leading pack of retailers and are now confidently targeting full omnichannel.”

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A customer’s information kept in a book makes it easy for an employee to take it with them if they are terminated or move to a new retailer.

Not only could sensitive information be taken in this instance, but your apparel business would also be losing critical information.

Teamwork provides a secure CRM. Our CRM is GDPR compliant and uses cutting edge technology to be able to store and remove a customer’s information if necessary.

All of this is housed in the same app as our retail POS.

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Your customer is priority.

Our iPad POS also provides a clothing and apparel store the ability to have a customer loyalty program. The customized loyalty programs allow an apparel store to capture sales data, sales history, and send coupons that could be used in store or on a web browser. It’s essential the customer is the main priority for a clothing store.

Teamwork Commerce’s High-End Retail Store POS does a lot, but not everything. Through our integrations, our cloud POS allows fashion retailers to do their retail functions in a seamless and powerful way with retail tools.

Teamwork’s integrated payment processing platforms allows an apparel business to accept payments like cash, check, and accept credit cards in all forms.


What Teamwork doesn’t provide, we integrate with other companies to accomplish. This includes things like payment processing, ecommerce, ERP software, warehouse management softwares, and more.

Although Teamwork’s iPad POS system is great for all business types, it works extremely well in a clothing and accessories store. The POS solution allows a retailer to empower its associates and make the customer its focus.

Powerful inventory.

Inventory is another important category for store management in the retail industry.

In high end apparel, it’s likely there won’t be thousands of a single item. This makes knowing where the items are key.

Teamwork’s inventory control allows for accurate inventory reports so you always know what sizes and colors are in stock in each location and warehouses.

Accurate inventory of your clothing and accessories keeps you from overselling an item and from having clothing and apparel not out for a customer to purchase.

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Integrations are Teamwork’s hidden weapon.

Through advanced inventory, analytics, and integration, Teamwork gives a clothing store all the retail tools it needs to thrive.

“They responded to us, both with staffing as well as financially. When we hit COVID they were good partners to us, we were together to get through it. People and employees of Teamwork have a very more personal relationship with their clients and their partners than any other software company I’ve worked with.”, remarked Paulette Garafalo.

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