Princesse Tam Tam and Comptoir des Cotonniers (PTT/CDC)

Oct 5, 2021Case Study

Princesse Tam Tam and Comptoir des Cotonniers (PTT/CDC), two pillars of the Fast Retailing conglomerate, recently completed the full rollout of Teamwork Commerce’s Version 6 POS. This implementation was done in over 220 locations across France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

PTT/CDC has taken advantage of Teamwork’s rich functionality through a powerful technical foundation to deliver frictionless commerce to their customers. With Teamwork, all in-store operations are unified through a single store mobile application including POS, stock counts, and inventory control features such as transferring, receiving and adjustments. Teamwork maintains thorough European fiscal and security standards, satisfying all requirements for localization. Here, terminology choices were reviewed for each of the various languages and fine-tuned to achieve familiarity and ease of use.

Another highlight of the project was the use of RFID technology. Store associates effortlessly create receipts by simply placing the products on the counter (with an embedded RFID pad), instantly calculating the total and finalizing with a contactless payment. The result is streamlined and frictionless. Each morning a complete store stock count can be performed in minutes dramatically increasing inventory accuracy and efficiency.

At the core of its mission, Teamwork’s Secure Customer Data Platform provides centralized management of all customer data across all channels including many options for segmentation and analysis. This includes full purchase history whether online or in-store, as well as a wide array of customer attributes, providing a holistic, omnichannel view of the customer that is profoundly accurate, convenient and actionable. The highest standards in global customer data regulations are maintained and even superseded through the Teamwork platform.

Serge Lengagne, IT Director Europe for Fast Retailing, had this to say about Teamwork Commerce:

“Teamwork is not only a tool for managing stock and payments, it’s a global project to modernise all of our stores offering seamless service to customers with an easy-to-use tool. Innovative changes we’ve taken thanks to Teamwork include moving from computer-based tills to modern iPads that physically separate us less from our customers, RFID which saves us time at checkout, and instant updating of sales and changes in stock. I’m confident this technological progress will encourage an improved customer-centric sales experience in line with today’s best in class. Through our partnership with Teamwork Commerce, we’ve caught up with the leading pack of retailers and are now confidently targeting full omnichannel.”

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