From Hassle to Dazzle: Prada Shoes improves Customer Experience Teamwork Commerce Omnichannel Platform

Oct 14, 2021 | Case Study

Prada is a family business, specialized in elegant shoes for men and woman between 35-55 years old. They faced painful inventory control problems and reporting times of up to 15 days, until they decided to implement Teamwork Commerce Solutions. Today they have an Omnichannel platform and premiere customer service that allows them to make better decisions with real time data.

In this case study, you can read how Prada Shoes drastically reduced reporting times, enhanced customer experience and increased sales by adopting Teamwork Commerce Omnichannel Solution.


Problems before adopting Teamwork commerce POS Solution

• Lack of information for key decision making
• Inability to post information for needed merchandise
• Unable to report on time to financials and accounting
• Stock counts were very slow
• Reports took up to 15 days

Poor customer experience and slow processes, as in every company, must have an impact in operations, and of course, in sales.


Nine years ago, Prada made the decision to end their struggle and adopt the most innovative solution they could find, so they selected Teamwork Commerce POS and OMS Solutions, providing their stores with a robust Omnichannel E-Commerce Solution.

Now associates have the most innovative technology at their fingertips, and thanks to the use of iPads in partnership with Apple, associates can easily move around the store, and go where their customers are, whether trying shoes, or selecting a handbag or other accessories.

In case customers need a different color or size, associates can easily search store inventory, and if necessary locate the item the customer needs in another store.

“Working with Teamwork Commerce has been a very friendly and simple experience, the truth is, it has made work a lot easier.” Ivonne Pérez Morales, Finance and Administration Director, Prada

Today, Prada personnel acknowledges Teamwork Commerce has considerably helped them with their workflows, as Teamwork Commerce has always done the custom reports they need.


Teamwork Commerce has also considerably helped Prada improve their customer experience. Having all the information in a secure CRM, that allows them to be closer to their customers and give personalized service.

“Knowing the customer allows us to provide personalized service and give customers what they are interested in and what they need.”

In E-commerce Prada is now able to have catalogs, descriptions, prices, and give customers the right information at the right time, so they can continue shopping Prada.

As another customer experience improvement, Prada has now faster and more agile payment processes, also due to the fact that they have all the customer information to make them even faster.

“All the process is online and in real-time, and allows us to report to finance and accountability, operations, sales, and most importantly, make quick decisions”

“Integrations have allowed Prada to achieve objectives, by giving the ability to make secure and transparent transactions, being closer to customers and increase sales”


Step 1: You just need an iPad for every Point of Sale, in order to take it where the customers are within the store. Associates can access all the information they need to make a sale.

“Working with an iPad is great, because it allows sales reps to approach customers on the go, to make sales.” Prada Employee

Step 2: download the apps.

Step 3: You need a card reader device.

Step 4: You need to have a point of sale.

Step 5: Then just make sales.


“Teamwork is always looking for the best and most innovative.”

“Prada is very grateful with Teamwork Commerce for 9 years of amazing business….”
Ivonne Perez Melgar, Finance and Administration Director, Prada Mexico.


Go to and book a demo, to learn how you can improve your customer experience, save time and make better sales with Teamwork Commerce today.

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