mPOS – Why It’s a Must in 2022

Apr 11, 2022 | Blog

Traditional retail POS solutions have been monumental in helping companies manage in-store transactions, but as the years pass, retailers that aim to stay relevant, or even lead the in-store customer experience in their industry, realize they need more.

They need a POS they can access anywhere in the store, one that provides access to omnichannel customer data, and allows for personalization opportunities that customers want to experience time and again.

Enter mPOS systems.

Instead of long lines and purchase abandonment…

At best, long lines are a cause for frustration. At worst, they might cause customers to abandon their purchase altogether, missing out on the opportunity to enjoy this product they actually want to buy while your company misses out on the opportunity to build a relationship with a happy customer.

… Create an Efficient, Personalized Experience

When sales associates have mPOS systems, they’re able to charge customers from anywhere in the store, reducing lines and frustration. This frees sales associates from being stuck at a single terminal, letting them provide a more customer-centric experience with an easy, speedy check-out.

They can also take the satisfied customer experience to a whole other level. With a mobile POS application, your team can have on the go access to customer data, including the customer’s past purchases, cart abandonments and browsing history. This single source of information around every customer enables sales associates to make personalized recommendations on the spot – which is a good thing, because 80% of US adults want retailers to personalize their experiences, reports McKinsey & Company.


of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences.

A mobile POS gives you all the inventory control, payment processing, customer relationship management, and other powerful features of an enterprise POS system – with the flexibility you need to provide a fresh and personalized experience for your customers.

Give Loyal Customers Extra Love

Mobile POS makes it simple to reward loyal customers by quickly calculating discounts, promotions, price overrides, loyalty programs, gift cards, tax exemptions and more. Since mPOS software gives your team access to customer data at their fingertips, your sales associates can easily see whether the customer has joined the company’s loyalty program, is celebrating a decade of purchases, or just spent more than usual in the past month or quarter. Then, the sales associate can use the software to offer promotions that are tailored to this customer’s specific needs.

Effortlessly Go the Extra Mile in Helping Customers Find Their Desired Products

Sometimes a customer really wants to buy an item, but that item is out of stock pretty much everywhere. But a good sales associate never forgets her top customers. If the sales associate is at the store, serving other customers or organizing merchandise, and notices the item has reappeared – or sees another product she knows her customer will love – she can log into her mPOS software, and drop the customer an email right there and then.

Even better, the mPOS software can automatically notify the sales associate when the product is available again somewhere in the company.

Either way, there’s no more waiting for “later,” when she can get to a computer, and risking forgetfulness or the product going out of stock again.

Turn Returned Products into a Retention Opportunity

“96% would shop again with a retailer based on a good returns experience,” reports Narvar. Mobile POS makes the return process simple by giving sales associates a customer’s purchase history right at their fingertips, so there’s no need for them to wait in line or fish through the recycling bin for the receipt.


would shop again with a retailer based on a good returns experience.

Source: Narvar

A mobile POS can give your team incredible control over returns (no matter which of your locations the customer purchased from) with features like Buy Online Pick-Up In-Store, Buy Online Return In-Store, Buy Online Ship from Store/Warehouse, and Endless Aisle.

Mobile retail POS solutions that give you deep access to data let you leverage this returned purchase as a retention opportunity. Maybe you can offer store credit or a discount, or access to an exclusive event, and maybe you just accept the return with a smile and remind your customer how valuable you know she’s been to the business for years, and how much it matters to you that she’s satisfied with every item she keeps.

Let Your Customers Pay the Way They Want To

With mPOS systems, you don’t have to worry about updating your system when a new form of payment arrives on the scene. Mobile POS software can easily integrate with new payment providers, while you can expand payment methods on mPOS devices at the touch of a button.

That lets you easily accept credit cards, configure new card readers, or offer contactless payment, which is a growing retail trend. According to Payments, Cards & Mobile, over 40% were already using contactless payments before the pandemic, and now over 75% use it multiple times a week.

Seamlessly Tap into Popup Opportunities

Planning on pop up stores at special locations? Looking to sponsor conferences or festivals, and do some product sales along the way? Worried about commerce shutting down in another lockdown, and wanting to verify you can move outdoors for a little while?

mPOS systems let you do that without changing much about your employees’ workflow, or needing to train them on new technology or ways of working, like you might have to do with traditional retail POS solutions. Being able to just pick up where you left off in the store, at least in one aspect of your operations, simplifies the process and takes some of the concerns off your team’s shoulders.

Scale to Your Bottom Line’s Content

Many mPOS software products let you integrate with other software products, add more digital options, activate more points of sale with a click of a button when you expand the number of sales associates, and provide a personalized experience that seamlessly continues any interaction customers have had with your company on any channel.
Teamwork POS can be installed on any iOS device easily through the app store, and allows you to train new employees in a fraction of the time by using common gestures and a sleek, easy-to-learn interface.

With a mobile POS, you’ll find it’s a surprisingly efficient way to delight your customers while simplifying your employees’ everyday work experience, making scaling your company through retention and advocacy easier as well.

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