How Technology is Helping Retail Evolve to Gen Z

Sep 20, 2022 | Blog

Generation Z is causing the world to evolve. A product of the digitally driven environment that we now live in, zoomers (as the group is more colloquially known) are the first generation of people that are digital natives, and have never known life before a technology-first approach.

Born between 1997 and 2012, the eldest of Gen Z are now in their mid-twenties – in full-time employment and spending their hard-earned cash. As more and more digital natives grow older and become consumers in their own right, retailers must consider how they can best cater to the demanding needs of zoomers.

The Need for Balance

According to IBM, 25% of Gen Zers said they spend more than five hours on their mobile phones every day. Naturally, it would be right to assume that this probably means they also do most of their shopping online… correct? No. In fact, the same IBM report claims that 98% of zoomers still prefer to make their purchases in brick and mortar stores.

So what does that mean for zoomers? Firstly, if your operations don’t include an online presence, you’re not off the hook. Zoomers spend a huge amount of their time online through a range of devices. Just because they purchase in-store doesn’t mean they don’t do their research and rigorously browse for the products they want – reading reviews and comparing prices.

Retailers need to find the balance between in-store and online sales channels, providing a seamless omnichannel experience that allows Gen Zers to shop on their own terms. Whether that means buying online and picking up in-store, shopping completely online, or visiting the high street and browsing before purchasing.

Delivering the Ultimate Omnichannel Experience

With Teamwork Commerce’s natively integrated retail management solution, retailers can deliver an all-encompassing approach that delivers the ultimate omnichannel experience – ranging from inventory and order management, through to Secure CRM, Mobile Point of Sale (POS), and analytics and reporting.

Retailers can gain access to real-time insights that provide both in-store associates and customers with up-to-date information as and when it is required. All solutions are interconnected, and automatically feed information into one another. As a result, customers can jump between multiple sales channels and stores at different times and continue to receive an exceptional customer experience that encourages them to return. Their information and preferences are analyzed, and retailers can even make recommendations or provide personalized offers for them based on their purchase history.

Customer Experience Should be a Top Priority 

A study recently undertaken by Zendesk found that 21% of 18 to 24 year olds claim to have higher expectations in terms of customer service interactions, compared to only 11% of consumers over the age of 55. As the digital-first generations continue to grow in numbers, higher expectations will naturally increase.

In a world where competition is so fierce within retail, and where consumers will happily choose an alternative retailer if they suffer a poor experience, high quality customer service should be a prime priority for businesses. 

Teamwork Commerce’s retail management solution provides the foundation that enables retailers to provide top-quality customer experience. All the way through the customer journey, from initial interactions right through to checkout.

With Teamwork’s secure CRM function, retailers can record and track customer preferences and nuances that allow in-store associates to become more personable in each specific encounter – from shoe size to pet names. Furthermore, With a mobile POS solution that can track inventory from a handheld device, staff can track down items for customers without ever having to leave their side. Once customers are happy to checkout, the same member of staff can take payment wherever they are situated in the store – removing the need to find the queue.

Our retail management solution is designed to deliver ultimate convenience to both retailers and their customers. Customers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience however they prefer to shop. Suddenly, the apparent threat of Gen Z is gone.

To better understand the full range of Teamwork Commerce’s retail technology solutions, click here.

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