Hitting a Home Run With Stadium & Arena POS

Aug 19, 2022 | Blog

In-stadium sales often go under the radar when it comes to revenue generated by sports teams. In a world where TV deals and mass sponsorship provide the bulk of income for teams across all of the US’ major league sports, the profitability of stadiums and arenas themselves can often be unappreciated. According to Berkeley Economic Review, stadiums generate an average of $145 million in annual revenue – a significant portion of that comes from merchandise, concessions and on-the-day ticket sales.

These revenue streams require a resilient and agile mobile point of sale (POS) system to handle game-day demand.

The Chaos of Venues

Stadiums and arenas can be unpredictable. Not only are they home to some of the world’s biggest sports teams, but they regularly host musicians and bands, and a wide range of other miscellaneous guests. Los Angeles’ Crypto.com arena is currently home to the NBA’s LA Clippers and LA Lakers – and somehow fits concerts in between the two franchises.

Further to that, events regularly get rescheduled, and crowd sizes vary on an event-to-event basis. Not only are products changed depending on the event, but offers and pricing are regularly updated too. Stores often go from completely empty to peak capacity in the space of 30 minutes. With such a large volume of sales in a short amount of time, it is imperative that stadium POS devices use reliable hardware that caters to demand.

Keeping Up in a Fast-Paced Environment

A critical hurdle for many stadiums and arenas is line-busting. Typically, visitors in-store will have a limited amount of time to make their purchases before needing to get back to their seats. And no one wants to miss out on any action. The challenge in these situations is that not only is there a short window of opportunity for sales, but there are also a significant amount of customers to serve. Fortunately, mobile POS can drastically reduce checkout time, minimizing queues and enhancing the customer experience.

With Teamwork Commerce’s POS solution, stadiums can leverage completely mobile POS technology that facilitates total connectivity and limitless capacity with back-end functionality. As the chaos of game-day ensues, franchises can rest easy, knowing that their POS solution can handle anything that is thrown it’s way.

As part of this, the solution’s capabilities are designed to make the entire transaction process as seamless as possible. Mobile POS allows consumers to complete their purchases using mobile devices – which already play a highly important role in their day-to-day lives. This channel not only makes a payment more streamlined, but it enables consumers to access loyalty benefits, reminders, and custom experiences at the point of purchase.

Teamwork Commerce’s POS app also runs on full-featured iOS smartphones or tablets anywhere in-store, making mobile payments even in offline mode and significantly lowering wait times for customers – ideal for anyone running late for kick-off, tip-off or first pitch.

Should the unthinkable happen, and fans don’t have enough time to make their purchases before the event begins or restarts, there is no need to panic. With Teamwork Commerce’s Mobile POS deployed, fans can order from their seats and have their goods delivered without having to move at all.

Delivering a Connected Experience

Mobile POS isn’t only seamless, it is smart. This works to the benefit of both the retailer and the consumer. Capable of real-time reporting, retailers can easily make informed decisions about stadium operations inventory levels, product promotions and location staffing. Furthermore, we offer a completely integrated analytics dashboard, enabling retailers to forecast when engagement will peak and make the right preparations well in advance.

For customers, this all comes together to provide them with great deals and offers, as well as the ultimate shopper experience, receiving a frictionless path to purchase despite being in a busy store.

The consumer benefits don’t stop there, though. Our stadium POS solution empowers franchises to create flexibility across their retail channels while driving engaging, meaningful and profitable customer experiences in stadiums and events spaces. The Colorado Rockies, an MLB team based in Denver, has deployed 50 of Teamwork Commerce’s POS stations across Coors Field – the team’s home stadium – as well as its five stores in the surrounding Denver area. Receiving a highly efficient omnichannel experience, fans can return a purchased item at any of these locations, regardless of where it was purchased from.

The Rockies also take full advantage of Teamwork Commerce’s Apple iOS technology and native Teamwork apps that run on in-store iPads. The iPads provide great mobility and flexibility which allows staff to be able to provide a seamless customer experience. If a game has higher attendance than expected, the team can take an iPad, download all necessary apps and quickly set up a register when needed.

To find out more about how the Colorado Rockies are utilizing Teamwork Commerce’s POS solution to streamline their in-stadium sales, view the full case study here.

Making the Most of the Stadium Buzz

Event and game-day merchandise help customers create memories, tying their goods to a specific date for as long they have them. It is important for stadiums and arenas to capitalize on the huge demand for these products while making the customer experience as streamlined as possible. Not only does this leave customers feeling satisfied, but the quick and efficient transaction process facilitates in-store associates to serve more customers in a shorter amount of time. All this, of course, helps in maximizing revenue and making the most of short bursts of huge footfall.

To find out how Teamwork Commerce can revolutionize your in-store POS solution here.

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