Driving Personalization With Individualized Clienteling

Feb 13, 2023 | Blog

Today, shoppers demand convenience and have become accustomed to individualized customer experiences. As soon as consumers walk into a store, they expect high-quality interactions with well-trained staff who are able to deliver top-tier customer experiences. Retailers who make customers feel valued leave a positive impression and are likely to drive loyalty. In fact, positive customer experiences make 94% of consumers more likely to shop again with the same retailer, with 82% also more likely to further recommend the brand to others.

Personalization has become key to gaining the edge over the competition and providing value to customers. From answering product inquiries to suggesting consumers’ preferred alternatives, store associates must be capable of providing individualized experiences. To be able to ensure a high-standard customer experience in brick-and-mortar stores, retailers must strengthen their technological capabilities that can help in-store staff to deliver the desired experience.


Taking In-Store Personalization to the Next Level

In the modern retail panorama, retailers must leverage a range of data-driven technologies to better understand their customers. Clienteling, where retailers leverage consumer data, such as their purchase history, shopping habits, buying frequency, and marketing preferences – can enable retailers to tailor customer experiences and develop long-term relationships that drive customer retention.

However, many retailers do not seem to have access to the appropriate technology that empowers their store associates to deliver clienteling based on real-time data. To remain ahead in such a competitive environment, retailers must deploy all-encompassing solutions that leverage consumer data in real-time from both digital and physical platforms. With this, clienteling can become significantly more effective and also bolster retailers’ omnichannel capabilities.

Teamwork Commerce and Endear’s joint clienteling solution delivers an all-in-one platform on mobile point-of-sale (mPOS), not only providing retailers with a flexible means of completing transactions in-store, but technology that enables them to learn more about their customers, understand their needs and provide an unrivaled customer experience on the spot.

Technology investment is a significant step towards advancing operations to meet consumer demands. However, if not executed wisely it can have minimal or even a negative impact on the business. Retailers must evaluate the return on investment (ROI) when deploying these advanced technologies. Those who deploy Teamwork Commerce and Endear’s platform typically begin to experience a significant increase in their revenue within the first week of deployment, with a 94x average return on the cost of the subscription.


Boosting Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty plays an integral role in ensuring retailers’ sustainable success in the market as loyal consumers return to shops and spread word-of-the-mouth. To retain customers and win their loyalty, retailers must deliver a complete experience that builds strong relationships while making consumers feel valued. Building loyal customer relationships is not an overnight task. It takes time, and cannot be accomplished after one in-store visit. To keep customers coming back, retailers must find ways to incentivize their return. This could be through personalized offers, newly announced product drops, or issuing reminders about when products they love are back in stock or discounted. This helps to make consumers feel valued. It also enables retailers to stand out from the competition and generate long-term business success.

Teamwork Commerce’s clienteling solution helps retailers grow customer relationships through email, text and WhatsApp. Leveraging integrated personalization and segmentation tools, the solution allows sales associates to send bulk messages whilst still tailoring messages to individuals. This can help retailers stay connected with consumers and increase their order frequency. For example, retailers who use the solution have noticed an increase of 111% in order frequency.


Creating Relationships That Last

Personalization has become fundamental to today’s retail environment. To rise above the competition retailers need to choose their technological deployment wisely. Clienteling can be an important tool in helping to drive growth in customer loyalty for retailers, but only when it is executed correctly. Retailers must ensure that their in-store and online retail solutions are well integrated, and communicate seamlessly with each other in real time. Having a single source of information can help retailers deliver personalized experiences effortlessly.


Need help in choosing the right retail solution for your business? Schedule a meeting today with one of our retail experts to prepare your business for a revolutionizing 2023!

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