Creating A Seamless Point Of Sale: Teamwork + Epson

Sep 13, 2014 | Blog, Partner

2020 might be known as the year of online shopping. With expected EOY performance of $4.2 Trillion in global eCommerce sales, the concept of a seamless and limitless shopping experience is increasingly accessible across the world. Today’s peripherals must be as agile as in store point of sale tools to ensure complete flexibility and convenience in the increasingly competitive brick-and-mortar marketplace, enabling an efficient and targeted approach designed to minimize friction within the customer experience. Jammed receipt printers, or label misreads can lead to the loss of valuable seconds in the collection or purchase process, potentially costing sales and valuable customer relationships. But there is a better way, printer hardware can provide a myriad of benefits to retailers in their journey to refine and optimize the customer experience.

Enhancing The POS Experience

Issues at the Point of Sale are the enemy of proficient customer experiences. Loyalty begins the moment after the purchase. The initial experience will be memorable for a customer. The last thing retailers want is to provide poorly printed, illegible and excessively long receipts. While they may seem trivial, receipts play a key part in the customer experience, serving as a memento of the purchase experience, enabling brand marketing, coupon production and customer surveys. The combination of this functionality represents a critical touchpoint for retailers. Building relationships at the point of sale and communicating key messaging before, during and after the purchase with the addition of value added services will encourage customers to continue frequenting the business and engaging with the brand.

Removing Friction

The retail experience is transforming so rapidly, there is a significant risk of products becoming obsolete before they even get out of the box. Retailers across the world are building out unified approaches to retail, leveraging cloud solutions in conjunction with legacy systems to enhance the customer experience. Printers at the POS have to easily fit into this complex ecosystem and provide value, flexibility and functionality.

Retailers need additional flexibility, whether at a traditional checkout, or a mobile POS (mPOS), having a receipt printer that can move with the sale allows retail staff to do what they do best, build relationships and communicate with customers wherever they are needed. Speed is also key at the point of sale. In the mobile example mentioned, being able to quickly produce a physical receipt and move on to assist the next customer is key. High speed printers help to reduce post sale wait times and allow staff to quickly pivot to the next sale.

A Seamless Solution: Teamwork Commerce + Epson

Teamwork Commerce partner Epson understands this. The company’s mobile-friendly receipt printers pair perfectly with the TWC mPOS software allowing seamless & painless sales across the store enabling your business to serve customers whether they buy online, pick-up in store, use curbside pickup or home delivery.

Teamwork Commerce uses the Epson TM-m30 POS receipt printer at the point of sale, allowing retail staff to have complete flexibility. Epson’s compact printer features modular casing, enabling flexibility between top-load or front-load configuration ,and offers the advantages of integration with mobile POS environments, intuitive functionality and advanced connectivity.

The joint solution ensures a seamless operating experience and mitigation of friction throughout the retail operation process. Together, we provide merchants with the assurance to get the most out of their mobile POS systems delivering a seamless experience at every sales channel and continue driving the strength of mPOS while mobile expansion in retail continues to grow.

See how Teamwork Commerce + Epson can empower your brand to create a more engaging, customer friendly and efficient experience across retail channels.


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