5 Strategies to Increase Your Sales with a Point of Sale Software

Jun 15, 2022 | Blog

Retail companies are always looking for ways to increase sales, and one of the most effective ways to achieve that goal is by adding a Point Of Sale software or improving the one you have in your business. A Point Of Sale software let you manage your stores in an easy way, keeping track of your sales, inventory management, sales, and billing, among other features. A great Point of Sale also allows you to manage employees, loyalty programs, and e-commerce; some offer marketing and customer relationship functions. This is why your POS system, far from being a complement to your ERP system, is key to your sales strategy, and managed correctly with a good strategy, it can help you increase your sales and stand out from the competition. In this blog, we want to show you 5 Strategies to Increase your Sales with a Point of Sale Software that can help you grow your business, make improvements on your customer service and boost your customer loyalty.

1. Have Seamless Customer Experiences

Improving customer experiences through a Point Of Sale (POS) technology is a key to increasing sales for retail businesses. However, to create a truly seamless customer experience, it’s important to consider all aspects of the buying process, from the customer doing pre-purchase research, to ordering, receiving, and the post-sale experience.

Delivering seamless, integrated shopping experiences across all channels has become the bare minimum that most customers today demand. This is how smart retailers have achieved memorable experiences for their customers, who feel well served by any channel.

Merging online and offline interactions allows customers to purchase products from anywhere, anytime, and in the way that works best for them. It also allows business owners to better understand customer needs and preferences, which can lead to more sales.

An omnichannel integration can also help reduce the time it takes to resolve customer complaints and increase the accuracy of customer data. Plus, it can help employees better understand customer needs and preferences. Additionally, an omnichannel strategy can help retailers reduce the costs associated with offline marketing campaigns and increase revenue from online shopping.

By using a mix of online and offline channels, companies can create an omnichannel experience for their customers and increase their sales.

2. Analyze the data of the Point of Sale Program

Using a POS system, is essential to gather all the important data for your business that will allow you to make real-time decisions:

  • Manage inventory: Check inventory statuses in the warehouse and in different stores.
  • Manage deliveries and returns.
  • Automate shipments. BOPIS: buy online, pick up in-store
  • Manage information about products and customers
  • Manage employees. Time cards and sales performance.
  • Analyze real-time data of brick and mortar stores and e-commerce
  • Analyzing KPIs performance indicators is essential to increasing sales in your business.

Remember that we can only improve what we can measure.

With a Point Of Sale system, retailers have access to KPIs like total profit and profit margin, which are clearly laid out in POS system reports, allowing retailers to track profitability and ensure that their inventory actually helps generate revenue.

The POS system can provide information about which products are selling more than others, and strategic decisions can be made. A deeper analysis will allow you to see where to place the best-selling products, colors, or models in the store, or which vendors are the sales champions in that period.

Due to this information, retailers can make better decisions that allow them to increase sales, save and make more money in a smarter way.

3. Leverage real-time speed with cloud-based POS systems

Time is decisive when it comes to making decisions quickly and safely, and this can be achieved with cloud-based systems that have the power to update inventories instantly each time a garment is sold or returned in a store, even if they are online stores or a consumer shop in the e-commerce of the business.

With a mobile point of sale, vendors can easily scan and charge for items, making transactions quick and easy. Also, there are different add-ons like the card readers, barcode scanners, cash drawers or receipt printers on the market that help compliment your POS hardware.

Also, inventory is easy to manage and track when using a mobile point of sale (mPOS) system like an iPad. That is because the iOS systems, in addition to the simple understanding and ease of use, allow users to enter data quickly and effortlessly using on-screen keyboards or touch screens.

Using an iPad POS App can take your retail business to the next level by combining the efficiency of a mobile POS, with the versatility and extraordinary customer-centric design of the Apple iPad. Your brand will gain versatility and a mobile device with the highest technology using POS for iPad, which gives you the guarantee of great performance and an innovative look.

4. Empower your POS by having Fast Check out in stores

Much of the customer experience happens in the store, so a key strategy is to ensure that your check-out process provides a fast, agile, and seamless experience, every time a consumer shops in your store. Point of Sale systems that allow payments with mobile devices, tablets, or iPads can make a huge difference, allowing sales staff to have mobility inside the stores, and go where customers are.

A study conducted by Capterra found that retailers using a mobile POS system in the United States increased from 32% in 2017 to 46% in 2020, and continue to increase. The study also reveals that 64% of the retailers surveyed agree that the adoption of a Mobile Point of Sale system helps them increase their sales, and 82% say that having the mPOS allows them to achieve seamless customer experiences.

A mobile point of sale (mPOS) system can improve the performance of retail businesses by speeding up transactions and providing greater accuracy. If you have an easy-to-use cloud-based mobile POS solution, not only will transactions be faster in-store, but cloud synchronization will also mean that every transaction is reflected across all company areas, and your inventory will be updated in real-time, both in the physical store and in e-commerce.

5. Having the Right Information, at the Right Time

A good retail POS system also allows you to track sales and inventory levels on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, so you can make informed decisions about future sales and pricing.

Once the customer is ready to pay, the sales staff can have the correct information about the products sold to the customer or the discounts that can be made, increasing the ticket at that moment.

In addition to this, email campaigns can be carried out with certain offers or advertisements for each client based on the information provided by the Point of Sale system, and the inventory stocks.

Retailers can also benefit from using retail POS systems that provide real-time reports and daily analytics. This can help them understand how their customers are using the system and what areas could be improved in the future.

What the future holds

Increasing sales with a Point Of Sale program will require a comprehensive strategy that includes proper data management. A strong sales strategy, combined with the right POS system, can be a game-changer for retailers when used to their full capacity.
The insights provided from sales data alone offer valuable insight to your sales staff, but the key is to use it appropriately to make convenient decisions that truly impact the growth of your company.

Regardless of whether you are a small business or a large chain of stores, your Point of Sale System must be easy to use and have a friendly interface, since it is important that salespeople have a friendly experience, which allows them to bring faster service and be more efficient.

It’s important that you have the full Point of Sale system that allows you to accept cards, read barcodes, have a ticket printer, and everything you need to make sales in a physical store.

A Mobile Point of Sale system offers many advantages for retail businesses. It’s faster and more efficient than a traditional cash register, transactions are processed quickly and smoothly, and inventory is easy to manage and track. Another positive feature is that sales reports are effortlessly generated, so customer data can be easily accessed and used for marketing purposes.

Leading brands are executing successful omnichannel strategies along with their marketing strategies, and know the difference between omnichannel and a multichannel strategy, achieving success across every buying channel, gaining happy customers, and increasing their sales. Customers expect to be listened to through any channel with the same benefits, so your system must offer payment processing for all forms of payments available, such as credit cards, cash or even gift cards.

Are you ready to choose your Point of Sale (POS) software?

Teamwork Commerce is an omnichannel solution that provides retailers with POS, OMS, Inventory Control, CRM, and Analytics. As a leading partner of Apple, Teamwork is constantly evolving and ensures the use of cutting-edge technology. The world’s leading retailers use Teamwork Commerce to create customer-centric omnichannel and frictionless experiences, and offer exceptional customer service. For more information, visit: https://www.teamworkcommerce.com/demo-request/

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