Brand Assets

Teamwork’s brand assets are below. Please use these guidelines when using our branding in any scenario.

Logo Definitions

The Teamwork Commerce logo is the most immediate representation of their product, their people, and their brand. It is a valuable asset that must be used consistently in the proper and approved forms. There are two logo signatures:

1) Primary and 2) Secondary.

And there are two elements that complete each logo signature:

1) The Logomark and 2) The Wordmark.

The Primary Signature is the preferred version if context allows. The Secondary Signature is to be used when required to be shown in monotone, such as on a colored background. If the preferred color palette of Teamwork Commerce is not available for any given reason, the Secondary Signature can be shown in any one-color application. There are also certain instances when the Logomark or the Wordmark may be used indivudally by themselves.

Primary Signature

Secondary Signature



Logo Alternative

The alternative logo is always acceptable and can be used in place of the normal signatures, especially when it would bring better focus to the brand. The same logo specifications apply to the alernative signatures as they do with the original signatures.

Primary Alternative Signature

Secondary Alternative Signature

Incorrect Usage

The Teamwork Commerce Logo should never be used in these ways.

Color Palette

The color palette of Teamwork Commerce has been carefully chosen and should be used as a guideline when working with the brand.

However, the color palette is not a law, but a manual for how the brand should normally and consistently appear across the majority of its visualizations and representations.

Creativity is encouraged when it best compliments the overall branding, while deviance from the branding should be avoided.


You can download our full guideline here in PDF. Please don’t alter the Teamwork logo.