Inventory Visibility

in Real-Time

Manage inventory efficiently and accurately to meet customers demand and deliver seamless customer experiences.

Inventory Receiving.

Receive new retail inventory, replenishments, and transfers easily and accurately so your store associates have more time to focus on customers.

Accurately manage every time new inventory is received in order to maintain consistency and transparency across your entire enterprise.

Complete inventory control over shipments and stock replenishment in your stores.

Teamwork’s inventory management increases fulfillment speed and accuracy by showing details of all items in the order.

Maintain accurate amount of inventory by tracking how many items are expected and received.

Multichannel Inventory Visibility.

Real-time physical inventory visibility across all locations.

See inventory information for all of your locations, including warehouses, 3PLs, online store and brick and mortar stores.

Teamwork inventory management system maintains all return information, so you know exactly what you have in stock. 

Accurately manage inventory and integrate with Endless Aisle and BOPIS solutions to ensure you never lose a sale or have dead stock.

Access accurate inventory levels on your iPad anywhere, anytime.

Inventory Transfers.

Inventory transfers made simple between locations with an efficient pick and pack process to maintain optimal stock levels.

Store to store inventory transfers makes inventory that is in one store, available to another.

Access all relevant transfer shipment details right on your iPad.

Update inventory levels automatically as you complete transfer orders in the inventory management system.

Barcode scan and print shipping documents wirelessly from your iPad.

Cycle Counting.

Better inventory management and reporting accuracy with summarized counting and automatic exception handling.

Pick and pack products in the iPad app with a guided step-by-step workflow.

Always pick inventory accurately with label validation.

Use RFID to identify each unique item and gain unprecedented insight into your inventory.

Next Level Retail

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