Harness the Power

of Omnichannel Inventory

Leverage brick-and-mortar stores as part of your fulfillment operation to help you preserve customer loyalty and gain a competitive edge.

Pickup In-Store.

Buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS), not only adds a level of convenience for your customers, it boosts store productivity, upsell opportunities and increases online orders. 

Offer fast, free competitive shopping options without hurting your bottom line.

Significantly increase foot traffic and staff productivity within the store.

Capitalize on upsell opportunities while customers are in store to pick up items.

Allow customers to receive their items faster with more flexible order fulfillment. 

Give customers peace-of-mind knowing that their item will be safe, secure, and in-stock when they buy online pick up in store.

Ship from Store

Provide exceptional delivery options to customers while minimizing shipping costs and delivery times to meet customer expectations.

Decrease overall inventory and create better margins with store fulfillment by turning store inventory into mini distribution and fulfillment hubs.

Expose on-the-shelf, brick and mortar inventory to a larger online market.

Provide more cost-effective home delivery shipping options by choosing the closest ship from store option.

Utilize realtime inventory for full inventory visibility and to more efficiently manage inventory.

Intelligent Order Routing

Apply rule-based order fill logic and item-level order routing to get products to your customers faster and more efficiently meeting your customers demand.

Significantly reduce the chances that an item they want is out of stock by rerouting the order to another location for store fulfillment. 

Configure timers to make sure customer orders are processed quickly.

View all outstanding omnichannel fulfillment requests on your iPad in real-time.

View order priorities to accommodate different shipping speeds, delivery options and customer service levels.

Omnichannel Returns & Exchanges

Enable cross-channel returns and exchanges in a single transaction from a single system with omnichannel return options such as buy online, return in store (BORIS).

Avoid incurred shipping cost on returns, if you offer a “free-returns” policy

Track payment methods and ensure that refunds and exchanges are handled securely with minimal effort for your customers.

Boost in-store sales and decrease return rates, by encouraging exchanges or store credit at the point of return.

See the status of every item in the order – from order routing through to delivery and returns.

Keep all customer information, order documents and receipts at your fingertips.

Reduce friction by eliminating the need for a receipt or original payment method to process a return. 

Save time and money with a full range of omnichannel fulfillment options. Buy from anywhere and fulfill from anywhere to maximize inventory sell-through, improve customer experience and meet customers demand. 

Consumer behavior has changed. Increased online sales results in retailers now offering omnichannel alternatives such as curbside pickup where retailers use their store locations as fulfillment centers. By taking advantage of Teamwork’s omnichannel order management system retailers can exceed customer expectations by offering fast home delivery times utilizing realtime inventory across all stores. Leveraging brick and mortar stores as part of your fulfillment operation strategy will help you preserve customer loyalty and gain a competitive edge.

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