Omnichannel Insights to

Track Your Business

A holistic view of the customer journey, user experience, orders, inventory management, revenue, and store performance across your entire enterprise.

Single View.

Visualize data about customers, inventory, and orders across multiple channels through a single interface.

Complete Visibility.

Easily access real-time inventory for all SKUs and all locations.

Reports & Dashboards.

Configure dashboards to show sales, discounts, returns, etc. across all key channels.

Simple Export.

Export all live and historical data of customer, omnichannel inventory, and order information.

Order Lifecycle.

Get full insight into the lifecycle of an order in a single view – from purchase through to fulfillment across all channels.

Complete Customer.

Gain a complete picture of your omnichannel customer, including purchases, and spending across all channels.

"I'm a little addicted to Dashboard."

Obviously, that feature to have it on our phone, to be able to see the sales in real-time, see how things are going, see what trends are in the ballpark - is amazing. We can spot problems or things that we've missed in the past and that's a huge opportunity for us to get better."

- Aaron Heinrich, Senior Director of Retail Operations - Colorado Rockies

Store Health Checkup.

Real-time data at the store level, monitoring total revenue, best selling products, fulfillment and delivery times, and more.

Next Level Retail

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