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Omnichannel Cloud is the back-end engine that powers the Teamwork platform. Our microservices architecture and API-first approach allow us to layer onto your existing technology infrastructure, ensuring an easy, fast, and flexible implementation so you can quickly deliver a true omnichannel experience for your customers.


Due to auto-scaling of components, you won’t need to pre-buy huge expensive servers and instead the system would automatically scale up and down according to your needs, ensuring the most effective resource spending.

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Cloud-Based Infrastructure.

Always up-to-date, scalable, and secure, allowing for continuous innovation and alleviating constraints around cumbersome legacy systems. We take care of the technology so you can focus on growing your business and evolving your customer experience. Eliminate infrastructure, maintenance, and data center operational fees and costs with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud computing (other cloud providers, like AWS, Azure, Tencent and hybrid deployments are also supported by request).

Being cloud-native allows Teamwork Commerce to constantly bring innovation to retailers by utilizing new GCP services for data analytics, machine learning etc.


CHQ’s extensive API that covers all aspects of CHQ operations allows fast and easy integration with any external system. With the Teamwork Integration platform many pre-built integrations can be activated without a single line of code.

Scalability and Resilience.

Dynamically scale your business for efficient and stable performance.

Run your retail on GCP with a flexible microservices architecture that is highly resilient and scalable.
Internal redundancy across availability zones for high availability.
Receive 24×7 monitoring, testing, and support with exception-based reporting and log management.
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Data Analysis and Machine Learning.

Teamwork Commerce pays special attention to the areas of Data Analytics and Machine Learning. With the help of corresponding GCP services and dedicated DA/ML team Teamwork Commerce can bring unmatched data-oriented innovations to the retailer.

Security and Privacy.

Ensure peace of mind around security and compliance for your investment in omnichannel.

Bank-level security and encryption for all persisted and transmitted data, with strict PCI and SOC best practices.
Handling of personal and sensitive data in accordance with EU privacy regulations (GDPR).
GCP security best practices, including strict tenant separation, VPN and MFA requirements, and VPCs with minimal port exposure.
Internal and external security audits, penetration testing, and a dedicated security team.
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